Welcome to our September blog. It has been a few months since I last wrote a blog, hope you have all had a wonderful Summer, it has gone so quickly and now the children are back at school it is time to focus on you. What are your goals for this coming 12 months? Are you happy in your current employment or are you seeking something different that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

We all want to look forward to things that inspire us, having a career in beauty is very inspiring, why? You ask yourself, well because in beauty it is always changing, it is a career whereby you could never be bored. That’s right, the reason being is there are always new beauty treatments coming out all of the time. It is an exciting career choice. If you love being around people, being a beauty therapist or a nail technician is the perfect choice, you get to meet new people coming in for beauty treatments, you are making a positive impact on them, with your beauty skills and your personality. What is there not to like, it is rewarding beyond recognition. To be able to transform a client’s nails makes that client feel special and could brighten up their day, yes, just having their nails looked at and treated to a lovely luxury manicure and painted nicely.

We are now enrolling for level 2 and level 3 beauty courses, whether it is beauty therapy, nail technology, massage, you could be making a positive change right now. We run 20 week VTCT courses, all of our NVQ courses are on our website. Make that change now.

Level 4 beauty courses

We are now running level 4 beauty therapy short accredited courses with our lovely trainer Samantha Worton, she is a very experienced beauty tutor, whom I worked alongside at Wolverhampton College for the years I taught there, we would team teach together on level 3 beauty therapy, Sam has a degree in education, she is a very dedicated tutor and very specialised and I am very pleased to add Sam to our team of tutors on a part-time basis.

Samantha will be running Level 4 blemish removal courses, chemical peel courses, micro needling , roller and mechanical method. You can guarantee you will be very happy with this advanced beauty training to take your skills to the next level, level 4 beauty courses are becoming the latest advanced courses to up your skills. See course links below:


Filleron No Needle Lip Filler Course

We are proud to announce we will be running the No needle lip filler courses very soon! These lip fillers are the latest in the beauty industry at the moment. I am proud to say that I tried this procedure out at the Beauty uk show this year to see what it was like, I still have the fillers in my lips currently. It is a really simple procedure and is designed for clients who do not like injections in their lip as believe it does hurt needles in your lips, again I should know as I used to have them done in my lips, the bruising and swelling was horrendous, with this procedure the bruising is minimised and in some cases non existent, not every one will get bruising I didn’t when I had the procedure done and there was no pain which is a real bonus.

We will be running the course at a cost of £1400 which will include a full no needle kit to get you started. Please look out for this course on our website, dates will be from October. I will be delivering the course myself as I have done my training and I have been working on live models to get my experience in and I am really enjoying the procedure and look forward to delivering this course for you.

The results afterwards.

We are also proud to announce that we are a finalist in the National Hair & Beauty Awards and are up for the Best Training Academy In the UK, we are one of 6 in the country to be nominated and in the finals. We will know in October if we have won this, we would really love to win it, voting is now open if you could spare 1 minute to vote for us that would be great, log onto their website and click on the category: Training Academies, we would be very grateful for your vote. We do work very hard with all of our students in trying to give them the best training possible and we are just so passionate about their success, we love to follow their journey and a lot of our students still keep in contact with us advise us of their success.

Bannatyne Spa

We have been approached by Bannatyne Spa in Birmingham by the beauty manager to collaborate with our academy to find good beauty therapists who have just qualified, they want to interview our students for jobs working from the Brindley Place location. This is a huge opportunity for all of our students one that we are very proud of. Therefore making it a great choice to train in beauty or nails at our academy, quality always is a the forefront and we won’t compromise on that, still enrolling small numbers on all of our courses. We are creating a great brand and one that we are very proud of. All of our NVQ courses you are required to study hard and commit to the courses, there is a lot of theory on our level 2 and level 3 and level 4 courses, we will push you and push you hard but in the long run you will thank us for doing so. If something is worth pushing for you really appreciate the rewards at the end of it. So if you think you have what it takes to be a student at our academy call now on 0121 794 0612 or email: info@westmidlandsnailandbeautyacademy.co.uk for more details.

Lycon Waxing

Lycon waxing training operate from our academy 2 days per month, Lycon run the intimate waxing courses that are very popular indeed, every month the course is fully booked. The lovely trainer Lorraine delivers this course, it is a 2 day waxing course, 1stday is basic waxing, 2ndday intimate waxing. Why not book on to this ever popular waxing system that is the most popular waxing system on the market. Book now and upgrade those waxing skills. Waxing is one of the most popular bread and butter beauty treatments, clients always need waxing and won’t compromise on this, returning every 4-6 weeks therefore a regular income coming in from your waxing clients alone.


So as you can see quite a lot of exciting things going on at West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy, Well bye for now and we look forward to another blog next month have a wonderful September!

Lyndsey x

Academy Director