About Us

Professional Background of The Founder

Hello and welcome to West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy, my name is Lyndsey Tidmarsh. I am a seventeen year veteran of the beauty industry, having owned and run my own salon for eight years. After running a salon I felt I needed to play a part in developing new talent in the industry as a beauty lecturer.


We’re Motivated to Help You Succeed

My motivation to get back into business and establish my own training academy came from the successes I have enjoyed working for colleges. An impressive number of my students over the last six years have won regional and national contests.

This is when the penny dropped for me really. I realised the colleges were receiving all the recognition for the students’ efforts and my own. Initially I had personal doubts about whether I could do it. Seeing one of my students win Gold in the UK Nail Art competition last November gave me the confidence to go for it.

Our Vision at West Midlands Nail and Beauty Academy

The balance of power is evolving in the nail and beauty training arena. My vision is to establish West Midlands Nail and Beauty Academy as the leading independent training provider in the industry.

We are already on our way there because our trainers have extensive experience in the industry. Winning awards is one thing and equipping students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to run their business is what we aspire to.

I believe three things are important in life; happiness, prosperity and making a difference in people’s lives. I  am able to achieve all three through my business and in my personal life. If you are looking for a career which allows you to do what you love then you have made a wise choice. Get in touch to discuss your training needs and one of our trainers will help you choose the course that’s right for you.

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