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I like to write to give all of our readers value and an insight into the business and beauty industry.

I wanted to write about earning a passive income which is something that I am seeing quite a lot just recently from people wanting to set up a part time businesses. Setting up a side hustle on top of your current job or current employment and I really don’t think I need to elaborate why, due to rising costs etc in just living and surviving. I really want to write an honest blog about why I feel this is an important topic and what you could actually earn from doing this.

It is looking rather bleak currently on the financial front for many people earning a living. Being more creative and proactive with your time can really help you achieve a good passive income.

I have based the figures below on part time business either working 1 day per week or 2 days per week. I have calculated some figures below which will help give you an idea of what you could earn as a self employed therapist.

Full time worker

Setting up a part time business on weekend say for instance working on Saturdays providing beauty treatments or nail treatments or even advanced skincare treatments 1 day per week, what can you earn working 1 day per week self employed?

  1. Standard Beauty treatments- working 9-5pm Saturdays- £20 per hour x 8 = £160 x 4 weeks = £640 per month.

These figures are based on the lowest hourly self employed rate.  Ie. A Lash Lift & Tint Treatment takes 45 minutes and costs anywhere between £35-£55 per treatment. I actually worked out how much the products cost per treatment any where between £3-£4 per treatment in products (depends on the brand used) therefore based on this assumption. If you charged the lowest cost for the lash lift & tint say £35, minus £3 in product costs, this leaves £32 for a 45 minute treatment, earning you in excess of £20 per hour.

Doing the maths, my calculations are not far off using the lowest hourly rate therefore you could be doing 5 Lash lift & tint treatments on a Saturday which could be bringing you in £160 in labour costs. Which would take approx. 4 hours of work.

Facials & advanced facial treatments

  • Working again on a Saturday all day 9-5pm providing facial treatments, a basic facial depending on brand-£40 per basic facial – 60 minute treatment. Doing 7 facials for the day £40 x 7= £280 per day x 4 weeks = £1120 per month.
  • Advanced facials- Dermaplaning or microneedling or skin peels, charging £50 plus per treatment x 7 treatments = £350 per day x 4 weeks = £1400 per month.

Part time worker

Working 20 hours per week in your current employment ie working 3 days per week, therefore you could allocate 2 extra days per week carrying out beauty treatments self employed.

  • Therefore using the above figures earning £320 per week x 4 weeks= £1280 per month extra income.
  • Facial treatments 2 days per week £560 per week x 4 weeks= £2240 per month extra income.
  • Advanced facials 2 days per week £700 per week x 4 weeks= £2800 per month extra income.

These figures are using the minimum hourly rate per hour for these treatments, they can be in excess of these hourly rates per treatment.

Looking at the figures you can build a viable business self employed on top of your current employment, if you have a good business plan in place, structured price lists, clear description of all your services plus a client base.

Selling products to your clients

I often write about this subject on some of my previous blogs about selling products to your clients and how much of a good little earner it really is up selling the products for home use.

This really can benefit your clients by using the salon products for home care use. These products they cannot get off Amazon or any other retailer only in professional beauty wholesalers, therefore you have the advantage of up selling the products.

What can you earn? Selling the right products you can earn 100% profit on each product, sometimes making 200% profit on the right product being sold to your clients.

As you are aware I owned my own salon for 8 years many years ago. We always used to sell retail products to our clients. We had a stand up sunbed, we sold the sunbed creams, we could make up to 300% profit on just 1 sachet of sunbed cream on our tingling cream which was the clients favourite cream. I sold a single sachet for £4.50 it cost me £1.50 to buy. Some of our sachets we sold for £2.00 however that sachet cost 25p, our clients could not get these sachets from shops they had to buy them from my salon. This became a good little earner.

We sold St.Tropez products too, which you could never buy in boots back 25 years ago, making 100% profit on those products we sold. Each one of my facial clients, always went home with the facial products I used on their skin, I would buy the products in for each client, making 150% on our facial products. Cuticle oils were sold, OPI nail polishes which again back 25 years ago you could not buy off Amazon and many more products we retailed.

This is a way of making a extra income stream, if you are not doing this then I suggest you start straight away, decide what the product costs to buy in as trade price, then add at least 100% minimum profit on top of the cost. If you sell 10 items/products a week making at least £3.00 per item that is £30 extra a week in extra income.

I am going to give you a good example now of an item you could sell to your clients. I have attached a link for a product off Ellisons and it is a brow and lash conditioner priced at £2.50

This can be retailed to your clients for £5.00 (100% profit) as they cannot buy this in boots. In fact I would sell it for £7.50 which would give 200% profit on this item alone. Client’s will buy this product from you. Say for example you carry out lash and brow treatments, ie Lash Lift & tint or eyelash tinting and brow tinting, brow lamination, this product will really help your clients lashes stay in optimum condition, therefore really helping the strength of their lashes or brows stay nice and conditioned. You could sell it as a type hair conditioner but for the lashes.


Can you see where I am coming from now? So if any of you provide these services then this is a great retail product for you to sell.

If you are thinking of training in lash lift & tint we offer a 1 day course for a complete beginner, it is a lovely treatment to perform taking 45 minutes once you have got your speed up. This could be a part time business for you as lash treatments are extremely popular indeed and the lash lift & tint course is very easy to perform it’s ideal for clients who cannot have lashes applied due to being allergic to lash glue so a great alternative.

I hope this has been an insight to some ways of earning extra money/income please let me know if you have had any benefit from this blog and email me on Info@westmidlandsnailandbeautyacademy.co.uk to give me some feedback and if there is anything you wish to know about starting a beauty business from scratch I would love to hear from you!

Sending lots of positivity and hope for the month of November…..

Lyndsey x