Well how life has changed since writing my last blog. We are faced with un precendented times currently, one that I think none of us envisaged. I won’t mention the dreaded word or virus, as I want to put a positive spin on this blog and not cause any more doom and gloom.

I am writing this on my laptop at home and just wanted to say that we can get through these hard times right now, It is very hard for us all being under lockdown, being restricted in what we can do, where we can go etc. Keeping bust and trying to stay as positive as possible. Home schooling our children and some of you having to work from home too at the same time, some of you working on the frontline, gosh not sure what we would all do without you all, I can honestly say that and that we truly respect you for doing what you are doing, serving the people and our needs through all of this dreaded virus we are all experiencing.

I must admit I have really struggled to not be at work, teaching my wonderful students, teaching is what makes me happy in life, giving knowledge and hope to all of our students, planning with them, their future businesses and desires, listening to their future plans and requirements I miss so much, getting excited about their beauty journey and how much they are learning whilst studying with our academy etc.

Online Courses

I hope you can all try and find something creative to do in times like this, even if it is home baking, doing some artwork, ie. Drawing or painting, maybe learning Spanish or another new language, learning excel or how to do accounts for your new business venture in beauty, there are some really cheap and also free online courses right now. There is a free Barbicide Course to do if you go onto Barbicide website, it will show you the course, one of our tutor’s Louise has just done it 2 days ago and showed me, so I decided to do the course too, although we teach you all of this on any of our beauty courses you do with us at the academy. Working hygienically is key especially now with the current situation, You will get a certificate that you can print out and display on your beauty salon or home salon wall. This will give your clients more confidence in you knowing that you have done a short course in this how to sanitise your tools and work areas effectively.

What is Barbicide?

Barbicide is a sanitising/disinfecting solution that is used avidly in the hair and beauty industry. We use this solution to help kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and fungal infections that can get on to our beauty tools, we immerse the products in this solution for approx. 10-15minutes then it kills 99.9% of the above. It is not a sterilising, as that would mean it kills 100% which it doesn’t. The link is https://barbicide.com/certification/to do this course. Give it a try and see what you score out of 12 online questions.

We are hoping to be back very soon to teach you all otherwise I will be going insane, I am a 100 miles an hour person, need to keep busy at all times, it is how I roll. I think Mid May the restrictions will be lifted slightly, that is the date I am working on currently, fingers crossed, although I think we will have to work a lot differently from before this lockdown. 

Awarding Body VTCT

On a different note, we had our yearly VTCT visit from our awarding body, I am pleased to announce again that we are a low risk centre, we did have a few things from the last visit a year ago, just a few minor improvements, that we did implement as good practice and improvements are key to stay ahead, so I was very pleased again with our great results and it shows that our staff are so keen to improve their standards too, which is very important indeed. To keep providing quality training on all of our NVQ courses level 2 and level 3 qualifications. Also, on our short courses too, to provide the best standards possible. 

5 Year Anniversary

We are proud to announce we have just reached our 5 year anniversary of opening the academy. We would really like to thank all of our past, present and future students for allowing this, because without you all we couldn’t have achieved this, with your continued support we have reached the 5 year milestone. We have loved every minute of it, teaching you all and thank you for all of our facebook and Instagram and twitter followers too. Here’s to another successful 5 years. We still only offer very small group training, to deliver the high standards that we need to deliver. Rest assured if you study any beauty courses with us, we will give you full support and guidance. Our good customer service skills are what my business is based on, because let’s face it without good customer service you really do not have a viable, good business, you need to have trust if you purchase something, knowing that if anything goes wrong you have a full back guarantee, that is what majority of consumers buy, they want a guarantee, I know I do when I purchase something, be it electrical item, a holiday an item of clothing etc. I always read reviews too on everything I buy and as long as 75% of the reviews are good then I will purchase from that company. That is my benchmark really that I tend to go with, be it restaurants etc. 

Well, stay safe, stay at home and save lives is what we are all doing right now and will see you all on the other side, take care for now. 

Lyndsey x

Academy Director