Happy New Year to all of our past and present students and followers and tutors. I am writing this blog on New Years day with the hope of spreading a joyous message to you all. Well, where do we start with 2020. Firstly, I hope you have all had a safe and very blessed Christmas and New Year, not quite the celebrations we had imagined. I truly believe that we all celebrated in our own homes, seeing the back of 2020 it has been an extremely challenging year for us all, one that we will never forget.

However, if we dig deep we may just be able to see some positives out of it, we really must, to all of those who have lost loved ones, my heart sincerely goes out to you all as I lost a family member due to covid and had many family members who had it too, but somehow they managed to get through it. Therefore, the ones that got through it that needs to be celebrated and if we have good health right now, well that is priceless!

As we go into another lockdown in tier 4 in Birmingham and in the West Midlands, everything is closed again, gyms, shops, education, restaurants etc. What does that mean for the academy? It is looking likely from 18thJanuary we can re open our doors again, therefore closed for another 17 days. If anyone has booked courses with us, we will be in touch from Monday 4thto reschedule these courses, so please do not worry we will not let you down. 

Reflecting back on 20202

So what has 2020 done to make you think differently? Did you enjoy spending valuable time with your family? Was it a blessing that you become closer to them, no 100 mile an hour working schedules? Maybe you were furloughed and able to do this? Maybe you continued to work through this being a key worker? Whichever way you look at it last year had been life changing for some, good or bad. It has made us realise that your health & wellbeing is so very important. I know I talk a lot about career change and the impact it can have on your health & wellbeing, by doing something you love you reduce your stress levels which in turn reduces stress on your body and reduce illness within your body. I studied a module at University over 20 years ago called ‘Health & disease’, this was my very first module that I completed at university and a very enlightening one I must add. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) stress plays a key role on illness in the body the impact it has on our well being too is very significant. Being from a complementary therapy background I have always took a very holistic view to health. At home when stressed I tend to burn my very favourite aromatherapy oils in my diffuser, each evening or during the day when working from home. These essential oils relax me, as I tend to burn more sedative oils which has the right effect and after 30 minutes of burning them I feel so much calmer and running at 40 miles an hour as opposed to 100 miles per hour. Because to alleviate stress in our lives as much as we can will help our long term health overall. We live in a very fast paced life, we put a lot of unnecessary stress in our lives, by worrying too much, cramming too much into our lives, with our goals and aspirations, therefore we put a lot of undue stress upon ourselves.

New Goals

So what can we do about it? Well, we can start to keep a daily gratitude journal, to write down 3 things each day what we are grateful for, this really does work, after doing this for 21 days solidly. This imprints into our sub conscious mind and in turn will make us happier human beings. Also, making realistic goals that will push us to better ourselves but make sure they aren’t too unrealistic as this can have the opposite effect because if we don’t reach that goal it can be very demotivating indeed. Put a timeframe on that goal, again be realistic with it. For instance, it could be “ I want to get qualified in beauty therapy and set up my own home based salon”, you may have put a 6 month goal on this, is that realistic? Bearing in mind you need to train first, if going for an NVQ course which is a minimum of 5 months, that only gives you 1 month, to get your website created, facebook business page, Instagram business page etc, salon prices, the salon set up and organized, this would be too unrealistic. If you said I want to get all this done within a 12 month period, then this becomes more realistic and achievable and less stressful. Having goals is important to achieve the things that mean something to us and actually achieve them gives a sense of gratitude because it could have been blood seat and tears to get us to that goal, it gives us a sense of self development and empowerment. See below to see what the difference is between and intention and a goal.

So go on start from today and get those goals written down and put a time frame next to it and see what happens, I write a lot about this in my blogs so if you are reading the same thing over and over again it is for a reason. Having contingency plans in life helps also, to plan for the unexpected, especially right now nothing is guaranteed. However, we can always re adjust our goals where needed and as and when required. I have used  some information from Maggie Colette “Think Like. A Boss” which really sums up a Goal and an Intention. 

Here’s the difference between an INTENTION and a GOAL:

👉An INTENTION is all about your ambition in life – it feels deeply personal and profound.

👉A GOAL is about action and results – it should be practical and specific.

So today we’re going to take those INTENTIONS and turn them into GOALS!! And to do that, we’ve gotta get SMART 🤓

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of SMART goals? 🙋‍♀️ 

I wish I could say I invented the idea, but it’s been around wayyyy longer than TLAB 😅

A SMART goal means one that is:

S – Specific 📍

No basic “I wanna make more money” goals here – don’t we all babe 🙈Specific would be something like “I want to scale to 6 figures with an online course” or “I want to book out my 1:1 offer.” 

M – Measurable 📏

Honestly, if your goal is specific enough, you should be able to measure it! But if it has to do with your mindset or something else less tangible, make sure you include a way to measure your success. 🤔

A – Achievable 👍

Becoming a billionaire overnight may sound awesome, but is it achievable? For us mere mortals, probably not 😬We want to set ourselves up for success not failure, right? So be ambitious, but be realistic too.

R – Relevant 👀

Your goal should have something to do with your business as it currently exists! Or even if your intention is to make drastic changes, there should be an element in your SMART goal of explaining how you’re getting from here to there.

For example, if I wanted to leave my biz to become a veterinarian 🐶I wouldn’t say “I aim to perform life-saving surgery on 4 dogs this year,” would I? I would say “I will apply to vet school and save £10k for my studies by selling out my group programme!” See the difference? 👀

T – Time-bound 

Finally, you need a deadline!! The due date may not be the do date, but without a date at all, nothing will ever get done 🙈So give yourself a deadline. A new year lends itself perfectly to this, because you can set next year as your goal!

Now it’s time to create your own SMART goals. Let’s make sure we’ve got our mindset right first… 

Maggie is someone I follow, she is an Instagram queen and shows businesses how to use Instagram properly and how to create the right followers. I am still learning currently, but instagram is a great way to create followers into your brand and what your brand stands for. 

I hope this gives some clarity, now is the time to write down and get planning ahead. 

Award nomination- Bronze Award (3rdPlace)

On a different note I am so pleased to announce we got 3rdplace “Bronze” for the best training beauty school of excellence award in November in the British Talent Awards. Any nomination is wonderful news and being a finalist again was the icing on the cake after the year we have all had. This came as a very pleasant surprise but to get a third placing was brilliant news! This means that we have had so many nominations over the last 5 years at the academy we are so proud. We will continue to offer World Class qualifications and excellent training to you all. Thank you to all of our supporters, followers and students for making this happen, because without you all this would not be possible.

Local Community Payback.

We are also proud to announce that we will be working with a local Birmingham Charity to give away ‘Free Education’, yes that is correct. We just love to give back to our local community, this is something very close to my heart and one I am very proud of. We will be giving away at least 4 x NVQ Level 2 qualifications for free each year, plus the short accredited courses too. We love to make a ‘Difference’ to people’s lives and hopefully we can achieve that for the wonderful ladies who will be joining us. We will be working very closely with a Womens Refuge for domestic violence which is a safe haven for women suffering abuse from their partners and husbands or family members. 4.5 years ago I was nominated for the Forward Ladies Awards for business entrepreneur for Small Business Category my very first award nomination, one which I am very proud of. I met this most amazing lady who was sat on my table, whom was also up for an award. We got chatting as you do, and if anyone has ever met me, god gave me a voice for a reason, I never shut up talking, honestly I don’t! This lady was so inspirational she had set up this charity in Birmingham and I kept her business card in my purse all that time and I decided to give them a call back end of October/November to say we wanted to give back to the women who have suffered domestic abuse. This charity means such a lot to me, it is a very generous thing to do but my reason behind it is that education is indeed power and it is something that no one can ever ever take away from you or strip you of, yes my reasons behind this are very personal to myself in my past, I found sanity in education when I was 29, the power and confidence it gave me was outstanding, so if I can give that to someone and give them the same feeling will be truly life changing for them but also for our academy to give those amazing individuals the power to take back their own lives is very liberating indeed, as those scars will always be with you for life but they get smaller as each year passes and then become less significant. I won’t be mentioning the charity for data protection purposes (GDPR) or announce any of the learners to retain their anonymity for obvious reasons. 

We would now like to finish off saying make 2021 significant, dream big, create goals, be happy, spread love & kindness wherever you go. I personally want to wish you the most amazing 2021 ever! We are here to support you through it whatever comes to all of our past and present students and followers! Happy New Year! Sending love & light J

Lyndsey- Academy Director x