Welcome to another blog from the academy. Wishing you all a very happy new year, albeit late but better late than never. Your New Year’s resolutions are already under way by now. Let 2020 be a year of positivity and change, especially in a new career if your old career is looking very dull. A new year is a great start to do something positive about it.

According to a report by City & Guilds, which did a survey on the most happiest workers and their professions, it discovered that beauty therapists and hairdressers and florists, were voted happiest workers in the workplace! A very interesting survey I may add. If this is not evidence to change your career to be happier and to wake up every day with a great purpose then I don’t know what will. Please see the full review below on the link.


Therefore what are you doing about it? Well first of all you need a plan. Write your plan down, give it a date on when you wish to start it, give it an end date, when you want to complete it by, give a realistic target too. Place this plan on a fridge somewhere you can keep looking at it, to give you focus. You will be amazed at the power of planning, seeing, believing can do. We all have dreams and plans, but if we don’t write it down on paper or visualise it enough then there will be a chance it will not happen.

The beauty industry is a wonderful industry to be part of, however I am very biased, our students we have come to the academy, tell me that they are working in a job that they don’t particularly enjoy or like, therefore they are training part time to change their careers, I give them the advice on how to take that transitional stage to doing just that. I found myself in their shoes at 29 doing tele-sales and I must admit it paid the bills and I did get good pay for it, I enjoyed it I must admit, until one day I woke up an thought, I am bored with this now, I want to do what I wanted to do when I left school beauty and hairdressing, yes I did my work experience at a hair salon in Wolverhampton called Zac’s which was a top notch salon to get into, my hairdresser Nick Molenko who is very famous now he runs and owns Royston Blythe’s in Tettenhall, he was my hairdresser from age of 13 onwards , he got me my works experience as I mentioned to him I wanted to be a hairdresser I was in the Zac’s salon for 2 weeks, decided it was hard work and on my feet all day for very little money, how niave was I at 16.  Hence I decided to go into office work and got pigeon holed into that until I was 32, started studying part time at 29 at college on weekends, then 3 years later took the plunge of opening up my own salon. Therefore anything is achievable. If I can do it anyone can.

We have just put on NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy now, it is a 20 week course, fast track, many of our level 2 students wish to study level 3 general route and we were losing them to other academies to train in this, therefore we have decided to put on this course now finally. If you want to study for this the cost is £2000 plus £100 vtct fee, run over 5 monthly payments. To enquire please call 0121 794 0612. We will be running this course starting very soon, please keep an eye on our website for this with start dates to come.

As you will also see we are now running a range of aesthetic courses all on our website, our trainers very highly experienced in the industry, which is so important to our academy due to our excellent reputation and very high standards we adhere to in our industry. We are very proud to say we have just been forwarded the Ofqual research paper that we contributed to last December 2018 which is now on the gov.com website under training, we were picked due to our expertise in the industry to contribute to a new government research into assessing in beauty qualifications that we run. This is a huge honour for us, we are so proud to have been chosen and asked to contribute to education and assessing. Ofqual are the regulators for education in vocational studies and programmes run by colleges and training providers. We take our teaching and assessing very seriously, our aim is to provide excellent quality training at affordable prices, we mentor new assessors in our centre, to try to help turn out excellent assessing in the industry, we are currently helping 2 new trainees currently to gain their assessors, if I can help give my expertise and guidance at no cost apart from my time, then hopefully we will be providing our knowledge and expertise into these new assessors I will, it all contributes to the education and assessing industry and without assessors we would not be able to deliver these much needed NVQ courses. So quite a lot going on in our academy currently.

The trainers and myself and IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) went on some wonderful training up at NSI in Manchester to update our CPD hours as tutors we trained in Polydip nail system, I was very impressed with this it used to be around 18 years ago in nail industry it was called back then Tip and Dip, it wasn’t very successful when it came out, they have now rebranded the system and changed the way it works and I am now impressed with it currently, therefore we will be offering this as a 1 day conversion course, very easy and simplistic to use. If you struggle with acrylics this is the go to course to do. Keep an eye on our website for when the course goes on with dates etc.

Bye for now and wishing you all a very positive February and remember put pen to paper and get writing down those new goals for this year and let’s see them come to fruition! Call now for free career advice and to put a plan together with your education plan on 0121 794 0612 or email: info@westmidlandsnailandbeautyacademy.co.uk.

Warmest regards.

Lyndsey (academy Director) xx