Welcome to another blog. We hope you are all keeping well and safe. It has been a long lockdown this time, we are hopeful that things are slowly getting back to normal again. 

The spring is now approaching which brings about the warmer weather. As everyone has been in a lock down beauty treatments are now going to be in demand. Salons have now opened their doors on 12thApril which cannot have come soon enough. Clients will soon be booking in for their beauty treatments such as pedicure treatments, as we start to wear sandals and expose our feet to the warmer weather. Facials, ooh how I love my monthly facials I cannot wait to book in for my Dermaplaning facial I have really missed it, just to get our skin looking fresh again, I think that’s one of the treatments I have really missed along with my Classic lashes, we really do appreciate the beauty treatments we have when we haven’t been able to access them.

What are you going to book in to your favourite salon for? I really feel that beauty treatments are going to come back with revenge, I feel that there will be a right beauty boom! The industry is going to burst at the seams and so it should. It is a huge industry already however it will become even bigger. 

Level 2 Beauty Therapy bookings

I see course enquiries coming into the academy for people wanting to retrain in this industry. Where do you start? At the beginning, I see students wanting to jump straight on to a level 3 beauty qualification and bypass the level 2 qualification, at our academy we do not endorse this. You wouldn’t build a house without a foundation would you?  That is my analogy of this. I understand students want to get to their goal a lot quicker and to bypass a qualification if they can, however my opinion is that you want to become the best knowledgeable therapist that you can become in the industry to be able to have a waiting list of clients wanting your services. 

Each level builds upon the last level. In a level 2 beauty therapy NVQ qual or level 2 nail technology qual you learn the basic fundamentals of the qualification, ie for instance if you want to study advanced facials, which is incredibly popular, you need to have the facial unit from level 2 beauty therapy qual, you learn all of the theory and Anatomy of the facial muscles, bones etc you learn the facial routine, massage routine, facial unit is the hardest unit to learn on NVQ level 2 beauty, it is one of the nicest units, in my eyes, from a biased perspective of course. It is the most relaxing treatment to perform, the client feels really sleepy and pampered and had amazing looking skin afterwards  (well dependant upon any skin conditions obviously) ensuring I word this correctly, I am not saying for any instance you are going to get rid of any skin problems after 1 facial not at all.  It is working progress of course and a series of facials and advanced facials would be required.

If you are looking to want to do advanced facials we recommend the NVQ level 2 beauty therapy first, on a different note the theory is quite hard on level 2 never mind level 3 it gets you accustomed to learning all about the skin and its structures, believe you me the skin is hard to learn at first, you learn about the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous levels of the skin and what their purpose it, the 4 layers of the epidermis (sub layers), 2 layers of the dermis and what these layers do etc. Level 3 builds upon this knowledge in more detail, if you haven’t learn the basics in the skin, then you would potentially struggle. We aim to set you up to pass not to fail. We work on the same principle as the colleges do, being an ex college educator we use the same process to enrol students on our courses.

Back Open

We are pleased to confirm that we are now back open as we are a VTCT centre and the students are working in bubbles, it has been great to have all of our NVQ students back in again. They have completed a lot of theory whilst being at home. If you are looking to re train give us a call and we will answer any queries that you may have regarding career goals and putting you on the right path.

New Courses

We are now offering Russian Lash Courses and Brow Lamination Courses, look out on our website for more details, they will be uploaded soon. The Russian Lash Course will be a 2 day course not a 1 day, as this is a very advanced lash treatment, you learn how to make your fans on day 1, day 2 you are straight on your model carrying out a full set. You will need to complete 3 case studies before you pass the course. The Brow Lamination will be a 1 day course, model will be required.

When we train in these new skills we do not start teaching it straight away, we as tutors practice our skills by completing a certain amount of treatments on our own clients then we get the course accredited when we feel very competent in the new skills to be able to give our students the best training we also give you problems that could occur without us doing these treatments on our own clients we cannot give you this first hand experience. So rest assured we will only deliver new treatments/courses when we feel ready to teach these skills, we don’t rush teaching a new skill straight away. 

Discount 10%

We are proud to announce that any one studying with us on NVQ course we give you a 10% discount on any other short accredited course and if you decide to study a level 3 qualification with us we give you a further 10% discount for your loyalty. We do not want our students studying anywhere else, we want you to stay with us and build upon your amazing skills that you have learnt. 

What will 2021 hold beauty wise?

As we all know the last year has been a very hard lesson for us all, with losing loved ones, we have seen the world in a different light, realising that family and friends are the most important factor and our health is one of the greatest things to cherish. I see treatments becoming very popular indeed in 2021. What treatments do I think people will be booking in for? 

Body massage- the power of touch that we have all missed, I really see body massage becoming more popular than before.

Aromatherapy becoming very popular, as the essential oils are extremely powerful indeed and give an uplifting effect or a sedative effect depending on your state of mind. 

Hot stone massage- ooh wow this has always been my most favourite body treatment, you can have an aromatherapy massage using the hot stones this is to die for, very therapeutic indeed, the hot stone have volcanic properties from the basalt stones, they are so smooth and they really hold a lot of heat, if you struggle with muscle pain or back pain, this is an amazing treatment, the heat really benefits the muscles and soothes. I will certainly be booking in for one of these treatments come 12thApril, if I can get in to the salon to book! 

Reflexology I really think will be very popular because of the therapeutic touch and the amazing benefits to the body, unblocking any tension in the body. A very powerful treatment indeed. 

Facial treatments due to the therapeutic properties, the relaxing massage you get with this amazing treatment, along with having that perfect glow to your skin. Those are some of Lyndsey’s much recommended treatments that I feel will be extremely popular, so get booking in for one of these treatments as soon as you can.

Plus many more body treatments, bamboo massage, Thai massage treatments etc.

Another Business Award

We are very proud to announce that we have now won another award. The Best Professional Beauty Entrepreneur Awards 2021 of the UK Enterprise Awards 2021! We are so pleased to get this in our business inbox today. It is another great achievement just celebrating still being in business in this crazy Covid year we have all endured. Something to celebrate getting through the business year still in tact. My heart really goes out to all of the beauty salons that have had to close their doors and I have seen many close down their business premises and set up from home instead due to lower overheads. Resilience has been key this last 12 months. 

So be assured if you train with us in beauty we will guide and support you every step of the way, you are not just a number you are an incredible individual who deserves the very best and we promise and pledge to give you just that. 

Well hope your first week opening your beauty salons and hairdressing salons has gone amazingly well for you, we really wish you all of the very best welcoming all of your lovely clients back and starting to generate a business income again!

So go and get that lovely pedicure booked in now, I am now going to gel polish my own toes now ready for the warmer weather!

Stay safe and well. Sending love & light to you all.

Lyndsey xx

Academy Director