Welcome to another blog at West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy

Well it has been a couple of month’s since my last blog was published, I really enjoy writing these blogs, it has just been such a hectic few months, I really have been dying to write another blog for you. We are now in to the autumn months approaching winter very soon, although it seems like winter now with all of the cold temperatures. So what’s new to this industry for autumn. We have have all of the autumn colours on the catwalk and in the shops currently. The new colours are mustard, khaki, mauve, burnt orange colours. These are the colours that will be used for nail varnishes and gel polishes as I have previously mentioned whatever colour of clothing or materials that are in the high street shops those are the colours and designs that will be used in the beauty and nail industry.  Chrome nails are all in fashion still, they are dominating nail designs and trends at this current time.  So to stay ahead of the fashion research the salons that are using these trends to have your nails polished because this shows that they are keeping up with the current fashion and taking their industry seriously and you just wouldn’t want to be left behind especially when your friends have the latest colours and trends.

Academy News………

September and October was a busy month for enrichment for our students at the academy. September we entered the competitions up in G-Mex Professional North Beauty Show. Katie and Donna entered a category each, Katie entered student category for manicure competition, she did extremely well, she was 3 points of 3rd place with a 5th placing which considering her first competition and only studying on the level 3 nail technology course for just under 2 month’s was a fantastic achievement, she thoroughly enjoyed the judges feedback and is now raring to go for her next competition at Worldskills next year. Donna entered the hardest category as it was a professional category not student category and being that she is a student was very hard going, but didn’t phase her one little bit. She came 16th out of 29 professionals who have been in the industry for many years and won competitions previously, she was very pleased with her results, unfortunately there wasn’t a student category in the boxed mixed media and used the competition for inspiration but to push herself to a higher level. Again she had great feedback from the judges whom gave her excellent feedback for future competitions.

Our students attended enrichment for a pampering day at St.Andrews Hospital in Stirchley, we had been invited back again for a whole day, carrying out manicure and pedicures on the hospital’s residents. This was a great opportunity for the students especially from an equality and diversity point of view, dealing with patients who all have different needs and requirements, the treatments were adapted accordingly. The students behaved in such a professional manner and I was very proud to say they were my students. We will continue at our academy to give all of our students this fantastic opportunity of enrichment, this kind of extra curriculum activity bodes well for our students, it looks great on their CV’s and future work prospects. If you would like to be part of this amazing training that we offer we have a range of suitable beauty courses, nail courses, make up courses, complementary therapy courses for your needs. Call now as we will be enrolling in the new year for all of our level 2 and level 3 courses, we offer bespoke training on our courses by offering small groups at any one time, so rest assured you are getting full tutor support than being in any other kind of training environment whereby there are 20-25 students in a class, we want to give our learners the best of training possible to the highest standards possible. Invest in your future with this bespoke training at West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy

New Business App

If you haven’t downloaded our new business app, then please make sure you download.  All new courses and offers will be posted on the business app through push notifications. Most businesses now have a business app it just gives all of our students or potential students a chance to see what is happening with any new courses we have coming up in the future or any discount codes we may be giving out for courses. Therefore make sure you download it today.

Hazel Dixon Comes Back To Town

We were very honoured again to have the super, talented, amazing Nail Artist back to the academy again in October for 2 days training, learning all of the latest in nail art trends. It was 2 great days of being artistic and letting our creative juices come to life. We covered 3d acrylics, salon trends using latest gels and pigments and getting to use the amazing Akzentz products again we provided this amazing opportunity for our students which not many academies in Birmingham offer. Why do we offer this? Because we believe you have to stay on top of your industry as regards to new trends and what better artist than Hazel Dixon to demonstrate these new trends and techniques, again in October she was crowned one of the best nail artists in the world at Nailympics, again she won so many medals in the nail industry and Nailympics is a worldwide competition with nail techs entering and travelling to London to compete against each other from Japan, China, America, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Hungary etc to be crowned top of so many categories which Hazel won is outstanding but once again very inspiring for our students to meet such an important ambassador and trainer for the nail industry, but most importantly to be trained by her!

New UK Campaign

Our academy has been approached to help a new national campaign called “Look Good Feel Fab” and I have to say again it’s another exciting opportunity for our students to give something back, carrying out free treatments for people who just need a pamper, so I will be revealing more information in due course on this worthy cause, again it’s great enrichment for all of our students at the academy. Non profit campaign which has been set up by Gemma & Co a salon owner in Bournemouth who is pushing this campaign nationwide, to exciting times ahead…….

Micro Blading Course

West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy would like to announce we will be running Micro Blading at our academy starting from end of November. The new course will be run over a 2 day period by the lovely Anastajia, the course will delivered once per month to start off with. Micro Blading is the latest semi permanent make up using a manual tool, therefore little set up costs than using a semi permanent machine which costs a lot of money. The course will be £1800 it will include a full kit with pigment colours to use for any micro blading treatment carried out. This technique has been used in China for hundreds of years but has now become a hugely popular course, so therefore we had to make sure we were offering the latest courses on the market, the course has been accredited recently with ABT meaning you can gain insurance after you have completed the course. Please look on our courses page and you will see the full detials of the course and case studies that need to be done for the course.

Well until the next blog….. look forward to posting in a couple of weeks time with more exciting news…………..happy festive season……