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Hello and welcome to another blog from West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy. Hope you are all having a great spring hopefully the weather is getting better now so you can get your sandals out and show off your feet hopefully you have had a nice relaxing pedicure to show off your latest polish, if you aren’t aware pastal colours are big for the summer, lovely vintage colours which I must admit I love as the academy is vintage inspired in its colour scheme. If you haven’t had chance to get your feet done now is the chance.


Did you know that we require more pedicures in the summer rather than the winter? You must wander why? Our skin on our feet tend to harden up more in the spring and summer due to being exposed to the elements if you think about it in the winter our feet are wrapped up more with socks and boots so are more moist. In the spring and summer we wear sandals, flip flops therefore our feet are exposed to the sun which dries out our skin especially on our feet. So now is the time to promote pedicures to all of your clients. Our toes and fingernails grow quicker in the summer than in the winter due to the vitamin D production from the sunshine it stimulates growth, therefore requiring more regular pedicures in the summer. Also, another important factor is that we should give excellent aftercare advice for cutting toenails. Our clients do not realise that they are causing their selves to increase the risk of ingrowing toe nails. Why? Because they are not aware that they should trim their toe nails straight across instead of rounded, by rounding their toe nails they are increasing their risk, it is imperative that we explain this to our clients as they may not be aware. If we do discover a client who has ingrowing toe nail we must refer them to a chiropodist so that they can get the care and treatment needed, as these can be very painful, it is the our responsibility as a good therapist to do this, the client will thank you for your recommendations and excellent aftercare advice and again it will show professionalism within your industry, but most of all keep your clients coming back year upon year and referring you to friends and family.

Also, athletes foot (tinea Pedis) a fungal infection is a common problem on the feet and clients may not be aware that they have this condition, it can be helped by wearing cotton socks instead of synthetic socks, due to the fact cotton allows the skin to breathe, leather shoes as opposed to synthetic shoes, again allows the feet to breathe, also recommend the client to use medicated talc, obviously if a client came to us with athletes foot, we would refer to their GP for treatment, record it on their record card and then resume the pedicure treatments once it has cleared up but give this good aftercare advice to try and prevent further outbursts. If your client has a large build up of hard skin or callouses on their feet, good aftercare advice, advise the client to apply Vaseline on their hard skin each night, then wear cotton bed socks this will really soften the skin on their feet and will help in between pedicure treatments, so there is no excuse for hard skin these simple steps make a difference! Bytheway I thought to myself do people really read my blog, as I write them all myself I don’t employ a blogger to write these, although it is very hard to find the time nowadays but really enjoy writing them, I do actually get very good feedback from my blogs and my learners really enjoy reading them, I do try to bring in a valuable topic in amongst all the waffle and jargon as I do really love to waffle on most of the time, if there are any subjects you are keen to find out about, please message me on the info page and I will write a blog based up on your requests.

On a different note, we are exhibiting at the beauty show at NEC Birmingham on 22nd & 23rd May we are on stand R48, please come along and say hello, we have our current students on our stand carrying out their promotional activities which is part of the level 2 & level 3 qualifications and will cross off their promotional units, this is an excellent opportunity for them to participate in these enrichment activities, one it looks amazing on their CV’s, two it give them the confidence of selling and really using their promotional skills which will carry them through to when working in a salon when they are retailing their products to their clients, it is giving them the life skills needed in the workplace. If you too would love this opportunity in the future in promoting your skills at the beauty exhibition, then you need to enrol on one of our NVQ beauty courses we are the academy who wants to make a difference and give our students these amazing opportunities to fulfil their employability skills. We have one of our nail students competing in two categories in the UK Nail Tech at the beauty show again which is a fantastic enrichment activity for her, I was hoping to enter more students for the competition but due to their work and other commitments could not enter, so I am busy training our student for this competition along with delivering the majority of the courses at the academy. Please come along and say hello to me on the stand to introduce yourself and to see if our academy can take you to the next level of your career, please note that we never sell any courses that are not suitable for your needs, we give excellent course recommendations based on your requirements and needs we will find a course that is suitable for you and get excellent feedback from our course recommendations our customers trust us, we give good aftercare and follow up on all of our courses with full after service. Enrol now what are you waiting for. We enrol every 4 months throughout the year for our NVQ Courses. We will be giving 10% discount on our show offer for all short courses booked with our special discount code, therefore please come along to qualify for this offer and complete your email details. See you all at the show………………