Some of you will remember the days when we used an eyebrow pencil to colour in our eyebrows and make them more prominent.   We also plucked them like mad to the point one morning you’d wake up and find them gone!!   In your tired state the night before you had gone a bit AWOL – not a good look!

Let’s forward to now and the fast introduction of Microblading where here in the UK it has taken off enormously.  Eyebrows have been looking perfect on the cat-walk for some-time but is now readily becoming available to all of us – a sign of the times.

But what it is it?  Microblading started in Asia where it has been available for centuries but is fairly-new over here in the UK.   It’s semi-permanent using a fine blade to deposit pigments to make the brow look more ‘filled-in’ and shapely.  The difference to ordinary Microblading is that it’s not carried out by a machine but carefully done by a trained technician using a manual pen and, you can hardly distinguish it from real hair!

It’s a growing skill in the beauty industry too and is a great-addition to any beauty portfolio.

Here at West Midlands Nail and Beauty Academy we have noticed a huge demand for training in this field. We have therefore recently extended our range of courses in Birmingham adding 5 Microblading courses taught by professional technicians. 





From Microblading lips, eyebrow and eyeliner packages, our intensive Microblading Masterclass to our bespoke one to one course, we offer exciting packages that will suit every budget and be an invaluable addition to what you can offer to your client.

If you are considering attended a Microblading course why not get in touch with West Midlands Nail and Beauty Academy.  We want students to make the best decision and have the best return on their investment.  We are here to help with any of your questions or queries before you make a decision.

West Midlands Nail and Beauty Founder and Director Lyndsey offers a personal hands-on experience and good advice to all students pre and post training.  You can’t be in better hands. And of course the Academy is well on the way to being one of the leading trainers in the beauty industry with students winning world-class awards.

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