Reflexology 2 Day Course


Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Cost : £495

Fast Track Course : The Custard Factory, Birmingham

Entry Requirement: Level 3 body massage or level 3 anatomy diploma

 Qualification:  Diploma in Reflexology  


Course Duration: 2 Days (Day 1- Practical, Day 2- Practical)

Cost : £450

Fast Track Course : The Custard Factory, Birmingham

Entry Requirement: Level 3 Body massage or level 3 anatomy & Physiology

Qualification:  Reflexology Diploma

Accredited: Fully accredited by Professional Beauty Direct

Reflexology is a type of massage that uses varying amounts of pressure on the hands, feet, or ears. Reflexology is based on the theory that these three areas are connected to major systems and organs in the body.

The founder of modern-day reflexology Eunice Ingham discovered that the reflexes of the feet were mirror images of major organs.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Individuals who have received a reflexology massage have reported:

  • Improvement in mood
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved digestion
  • Fewer colds
  • Boosted immune system
  • Pain relief
  • Improvement in the feeling of well-being

Learning Reflexology

If you are looking for a way to enhance your skills as a massage therapist, getting a diploma in reflexology is a great way to grow your practice or make yourself more employable.

Learning how to perform reflexology is not just about getting a diploma, however, it’s about getting the life your want while helping others.

Some of the things your will learn are:

  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Warm-up procedures
  • Grounding techniques
  • Zones and reflexes

And much more!

With a diploma in reflexology, you will gain the skills you need to add to your current massage practice or even start your own business.

If you have a passion for health and enjoy helping others feel their best, you will enjoy this unique form of massage and you can even use it on yourself!

This course consists of 2 days training at the centre, followed by home study and case studies over the following 6 weeks to cover a range of clients and conditions.

Guidance and support: You will have support from enrolment, during and also after your course.
Your highly experienced, professional and friendly tutor will help and guide you throughout your training experience

  • Course Content: Reflexology Diploma Course
  • Insurance details
  • Professionalism
  • Health, safety and hygiene
  • Byelaws and legislation
  • History and benefits of Reflexology
  • Grounding techniques
  • Consultation
  • Contra-indications
  • Contra-actions
  • Zones and Reflexes
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Warm up massage procedure
  • Full practical Reflexology procedure
  • Home Study
  • Case Studies
  • Assessment

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12th & 13th January, 9th & 10th February, 9th & 10th March, 6th & 7th April, 11th & 12th May, 8th & 9th June, 6th & 7th July, 10th & 11th August, 14th & 15th September, 12th & 13th October, 16th & 17th November, 7th & 8th December