Needle Free Dermal Fillers Course


Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Cost : £1400

Fast Track Course : The Custard Factory, Birmingham

Entry Requirement: Level 2 beauty therapy 

 Qualification:  Certificate in Needle Free Dermal Fillers  


Course Duration: 1 Day

Cost : £1400 includes a full kit

Fast Track Course : The Custard Factory, Birmingham

Entry Requirement: Level 2 Beauty Therapy 

Qualification:  No Needle Pen Dermal Fillers Certificate

Accredited: CPD

Offer your clients the latest treatment in aesthetics with the Filleron Professional Needle Free Pen.  An alternative treatment to administer hyaluronic acid filler without the use of needles.

This treatment is the perfect offering for all clients including those with a needle fear.

The Filleron Needle Free Pen will allow you to perform lip plumping, wrinkle reduction and skin hydration all whilst boosting the skins natural collagen and elastin production.  This device is a medical grade CE certified needle free pen which is safe, efficient and painless.

Unlike the alternative needle treatments your client will have minimal bruising and swelling and no down time post treatment.

The Needle Free Pen uses air pressure to administer Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler into the Dermis to plump, volumise and hydrate the treatment area.

Filleron Needle Free Pen Features:

-Reduced cross contamination – 1 use cartridge

-No risk of needle stick injuries

-Virtually pain free

-Minimal bruising and swelling

-No down time

-Easy to use

-Medical grade CE device

-Stylish protective case

-Global presence

The Filleron Needle Free Pen can be used to offer a range of treatments from plumping lips to administering bio revitalisation and performing advanced facial filler techniques.

The 1 day course includes:

  • Health & Safety, Hazards
  • Client Suitability and contra-indications
  • Hyaluronic Acid – what is it, what does it do, how does it work, what happens once inside the dermis
  • Facial anatomy and skin anatomy
  • Client consultation
  • Learning the device, settings
  • Treatment practise
  • Preparing your treatment area and your client
  • Selecting the correct product for your client
  • Practical – working on live models
  • Post-procedure care and healing process
  • Tutor feedback and suggestions
  • Supplier details and consumables
  • Prices to charge clients & estimated profit margins
  • Marketing tools
  • Insurance details

Models may be required for this course.

Progress on to Level 4 advanced treatments after the this course.


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